Patliputra Hospital offers a wide range of highly specialized medical, surgical and diagnostic services in diverse specialties. Managed by a team of internationally qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, Patliputra Hospitals provides compassionate, family centered and quality medical care at affordable costs, adheres to high moral and ethical standards and is committed to all-round holistic excellence.

Patliputra Hospitals meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs within a caring and supportive environment and timely, responsive services. Our objective is to be a pioneer in the field of medical treatment and care driven by patient focus, user friendly services, quality care, specialists’ expertise and cutting-edge technology.

We support the advancement of medical knowledge and innovation in the pursuit of healing. It is the privilege of all our staff to make sure your experience at Patliputra Hospital is a positive one. One thing that makes Patliputra Hospital unique is its warm, caring environment. Employees and physicians take time to explain things to patients and to warmly greet people in the hallways with a friendly smile.

As we focus ahead, we remain committed to provide the finest of medical care, while keeping abreast of the latest in medical technology and care.

Commitment to Quality

True to its promise, “Committed to Wellness”, Patliputra Hospitals strives hard to make every patient’s treatment as pleasant an experience as possible. As part of this endeavor, Patliputra Hospitals has been consistently striving to ensure that every patient undergoes treatment of the finest quality.

As a result, the Hospital is in the process of getting NABH accreditation to achieve and sustain overall quality in patient care.

Our Inspiration – Revitalizing life

We are inspired by the Patliputra. A fruit of the ‘Tree of Life,’ Patliputra has been recognized, for over thousands of years now, for its curative medicinal and spiritual – powers. The leaf, the bark, the fruit…every part of the Patliputra tree has something to give to mankind. Known also, to bring happiness, purity and harmony to lives, it is the universal symbol for peace. Much like the Patliputra tree, we attempt to provide complete and holistic healthcare, to restore in every patient and his / her family, the ability to hope, the power of health and the gift of happiness.


To be recognized as a leading healthcare provider delivering exceptional care and contributing towards national health.


To strictly adhere to high standards of service excellence and provide top-class ethical healthcare to our patients, respect to our people and value to our shareholders.

Core Values