Patliputra Hospitals offers the latest in eye care. Well trained and experienced specialists handle surgical techniques like cataract surgery, oculoplastics, orbital and lachrymal surgery and retinal and vitreous surgery.
The department also specializes in the treatment of glaucoma. Modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and dedicated trained experts tender the best possible cure for all paediatric problems including squint and low vision aids.

Specialty Services

  • Cataract & Refractive surgery
  • Glaucoma
  • Oculoplasty
  • Lacrimal & Orbit Surgery
The Outpatient department is well equipped to cater to diverse eye diseases. Preventive eye check-up emphasises on the early detection, prevention and cure of eye problems if any. Evaluation and medical management of glaucoma, retina diseases and squint is routinely done in addition to complete care of anterior segment of the eye.